Social Media Suicide

(Sorry guys! My computer has been out for 3 weeks! But, not to worry, I’ve been busy writing just for you!)

Look at us. We are THE generation for technology.  We can pick up a phone and know how to work it in a matter of minutes.  We can fix computer bugs, help our parents with their large confusion to a small issue (you know it’s true,) connect wires, code sites, update a status or picture in seconds, and all things on the spectrum.  But do we really understand EVERYTHING about social media?

Today, anything and everything is online.  We post pictures, check-in, tag other people, tell everyone what we’re doing with 140 characters, practically tell people we don’t even know everything we’re doing.  People everywhere can know what we’re doing, how, where, when, and with who.  This can be a positive, or an extreme negative.

Sometimes we don’t exactly realize the influence we have on other people.  We are constantly being watched. ESPECIALLY if we claim to know Jesus Christ.  People are just watching and waiting for us to mess up.  We underestimate the extremity of this.  Anything that may be read the wrong way can result in a bad outcome.  You may say, “Well, I don’t care what people think.”  Well, sadly, you should, because it does matter (in this topic.)  If you’re an older teen or even a young adult, social media can hurt more than just yourself.  It can also hurt those who look up to you.

We sometimes don’t look at it this way.  We just go through our daily actions thinking of only ourselves.  We may even do this absentmindedly. But the reality is that every action we choose to make, causes a reaction in someone else.  What each of us do as an individual MATTERS.

Post a picture where you weren’t in your best state?  Oh, it’s no big deal. No one cares. Everyone does it. WRONG. What may seem like a harmless picture, tweet, or vine, actually influences the people and younger girls who look up to you.  Is what you do on a Friday night and post the next day really okay for those awesome junior high or even younger kids to see and want to be apart of? 

Claiming to be a Christian is the most amazing and the closest thing to a perfect decision you can ever make.  When you profess that faith you automatically have eyes glued to you for the rest of your life.  Older eyes, younger eyes, and the eyes of your peers. You may be thinking, why does this matter? They have to learn about the real world eventually.  Yes, that is true.  I agree with that.  But instead of teaching them things that aren’t in any way shape or form appropriate for them or even YOU to be apart of, why not teach them the character and morals of what it means to be a true Proverbs 31 Christian woman.  With the label Christian stamped across your forehead, you automatically volunteer yourself to a mentor, example, and role model for the other people around you.  Don’t give someone a false definition of what a Christian should be just because you haven’t decided to completely sell out for Christ.  Often times we know better and choose to do worse.

Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” If you have accepted Christ, you have promised to be different.  You have promised to be IN this world, not OF this world.  You have promised to live a life for Christ in all that you do.  What in your actions are good and acceptable and appropriate for people to know about?  Is your life something you want everyone to know every part about, or are there still things you want to keep a secret? (Now, I’m not meaning that if you don’t post something on the internet that makes it okay to do in private, but that’s another topic.)  Look at your life and ask yourself, what part of me portrays Christ, and what parts don’t? Assess and change.

Being the ultimate Christ daughter and lover comes with big responsibilities.  Do you have “Christian” as your religion on Facebook, but post pictures that you would never show your grandmother?  Do you retweet scripture, but then drop cuss words 3 tweets later?  THINK before you post.  It affects your personal reputation, what people think of you, and also the minds of the young and vulnerable Christians around you.


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