What Women are Worth

It’s a New Year and I’m sure we’ve all made those cliche New Years Resolutions and goals.  Before you get too obsessed with trying to decide exactly what you want this year, please read this post first.  It’s all about your worth as a woman.  I find it extremely encouraging, especially since it’s written by a male. (We really don’t give them enough credit sometimes.) I really thought it fit with the overall theme of my blog. We are women of God and NO ONE can ever take that from us.  In a society like the one we live in, we can sometimes get lost and swept up in the ways of the world, and all of that completely steers us from our path.  Stay strong and confident in your walk with Christ. I hope by directing you to this blog post, it will help.

Don’t be too obsessed with how you look, be healthy.  Don’t be too obsessed with pleasing and making others happy, make God happy.  Don’t be obsessed with the clothes you wear or the skin you show to try and get boys attention, the good ones don’t look at the girls who are doing that anyway.

As said in this post, you will never stop being hard on yourself.  But it can always get easier, and you can always be better about judging yourself.  We judge ourselves harder than others will ever judge us.  Maybe a good resolution for 2014 is to start loving yourself. (and on that note, realize that until you love yourself and Christ completely, you can’t accept love given to you and it will never be the kind of love you want or deserve.)

LOVE yourself this year.

Click here for the blog that inspired this post—> 10 Truths About A Woman’s Worth by Jarrid Wilson

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Love you all and am so thankful for all my readers. -Meredith


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