Son of God in 2014

ImageSo I recently went to the movies, and, as we all know, the previews took up the first 20 minutes of sitting there.  But, a preview for a movie came on that left the entire theater in silence.  If you haven’t heard of the The Bible series the History Channel originally aired, it is now available in the whole 10-part series wherever DVD’S are sold. I have not seen the complete series, but what I have seen is very good work.  Of course, there will always be differences when it comes to book to movie productions, but nonetheless, the History Channel did a fine job on converting it.  I don’t have a lot to say because this preview speaks for itself, but I STRONGLY encourage you to go read The Gospel if you never have.  It’s often one of those things we just kind of rush over because we think, “Oh, I know what happens there. We read scripture from it all the time and always talk about it.” But, when you actually take the time to sit down, pay attention, take it all in, and read it, you will find there’s a lot about Jesus in those 3 years during His missions that you don’t know.  If you have never heard the term “Gospel,” The Gospel is what the 4 books in the Bible are called that tell about Jesus while He was here on earth. The books are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Check them out if you have never read them in whole!

WATCH the Son of God preview here

ORDER the The Bible- The Epic Miniseries here
(There are other websites to order the discs from. This is just through the company who produced the series.)

Thanks for reading! You guys mean a lot to me!

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(image was found by searching ‘Son of God’ on google, it is not mine)


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