Friday Favorites: In Honor of Thanksgiving!

friday faves thanksgiving

So it’s time for my #FridayFavorites! I will be sharing some things that are not only my favorites, but also that I’m very thankful for (and yes, some of them will be very silly!)

  1. I’m thankful for cookbooks! My family has a cookbook that has been in my kitchen for as long as I can remember. We reference it to cook our very favorite recipes, like Crunchy Punch and Chocolate Éclair cake 🙂 it’s just fun to have around during the holidays!  Here’s a picture of all of the cookbooks we have in our apartment.cookbooks
  2. Yummy candles that remind me of the holidays! We have recently lit Mainstays Aromabeads Pumpkin Spice!  (This is not a sponsored post.) My roommate bought it for only $5 at Walmart and is graciously letting us use it on our hearth in our living room so it fills the whole house with a great scent! IMG_4439
  3. Donation centers! My sorority (Sigma Phi Lambda for all of you about to head off to college! Great Christian organization I suggest you get involved with! Check them out HERE!) recently had a bonfire at our house and the admission ticket was a canned food item! We were able to donate the cans to a local donation center so they can get distributed to people in the area who might not have a Thanksgiving meal otherwise! I suggest checking out donation centers in your area and find out their needs. Typically they need low priced items like toothbrushes and socks that you can pick up at the dollar store. And most canned items can be found at grocery stores for under $1! Think about how you can help those less fortunate than you this holiday season! IMG_4440
  4.  Friendsgiving! If you’ve never heard of Friendsgiving, you are about to be super excited! It’s a time for you to gather with your FRIENDS and celebrate THANKSGIVING! Some of you may be thinking, I gather with my friends on Thanksgiving, why would I choose a different day to celebrate it on? Well, the way I spend my holiday is specifically with my family, so I celebrate Friendsgiving usually a week before with my friends at college! It’s a fun way to celebrate time together showing how thankful you are for each other’s friendships! Here is a picture of our feast from last year: IMG_4441
  5.  Family! I know such a typical “favorite” thing, but it’s true! I’m thankful for people who support and encourage me!

sisters mom and sarah

So these are my #FridayFavorites! What are some of your favorite things that you’re reminded to be thankful for during the Thanksgiving holidays? Comment below and let me know! Have a great weekend!




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