Wisdom Wednesday: Comparison- Haley Sue McKee


Comparison is a trap we all fall into at one point or another. Comparing our looks, personalities, brains, bank accounts. Sometimes we do it to tear ourselves down, and other times we tear others down. Something as simple as a thought about another person can be the fuel Satan needs to make himself at home in your heart.

I’ve written about this girl before and how amazing she is, but boy oh boy, is she AMAZING x INFINITY. This is the first of a series of posts titled Lessons Learned and the first installment already rocked my socks off. Check out Haley’s blog HERE on Comparison. (There’s also a gif from Parks and Rec which as we all know is my fave show.)


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.38.30 AM

#WisdomWednesday is a weekly series where I blog some awesome posts, videos, podcasts, etc from other people who are way wiser than I am! Want to be featured or write a guest post? Contact me at clothedinwhat@gmail.com!

Do you compare yourself in anyway? What are some things you tell yourself to combat those ugly voices in your head? I would love some tips!


2 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: Comparison- Haley Sue McKee

  1. I think about what I am thinking about….this only came about in the past few weeks after a bible study class I was in started with the premise that we must understand how we personally use a certain cognitive style of thinking. And first we have to understand our personal world view…..then in this framework we start, even before having a relationship with Christ we MUST have a relationship to ourselves! When I first heard this I almost left the class. This is backwards to what I always believed! However, already, in just a few weeks I feel my intimacy with myself has opened the door wide open for the intimate relationship with Christ. Since this has happened I check what thoughts are swirling around and do they line up with what Jesus says is Truth!! Hard to look in that mess of a mind without first having fallen in love with my authentic self! Amazingly, this kind of rigorous thinking causes me to run from comparing myself right into the arms of Christ. My thoughts are now much more aligned with who God promises me I already am…..thus comparing is out of the question when I am in what’s call ABC thinking. I am no longer in emotional or concrete particulars thinking. Dr. Stuart Cook has given a wonderful basis for finding out how you think so you can make a conscious choice of what to think and choose to control your thoughts instead of thoughts controlling you. This is a very controversial subject and many churches and leaders are so afraid of this because as Christians we tend to move in the direction our pastoral leaders want us to move in! Even if it is off the mark, we are so caught up in following our leaders and the books they recommend, we forget to analytically think through what is being presented and sift it through the WORD. Thus we are moving away from supernaturalist thinking into mystical thinking! I was; but, until I could see the subtle differences between the two, I was doomed to continue into this very wrong way of thinking and believing. Many, if not most, of our Christians today cannot define the difference between mystical and true supernatural thinking! I had to leave church to clear my own wrong thinking and develop the intimate relationship first with myself and then with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit! How sad this is and how easily we will be deceived by false prophets and the anti-Christ never suspecting we could actually be deceived! The bible warns us again and again about being intentional is our beliefs, never wavering from Truth as the Word tells us! Never again will I not be deliberate in my thinking about what I’m thinking and NEVER compare myself to anyone except Christ. Since I will have to know what I think and align it with God’s Word, I will be too busy and excited to even entertain worldly comparisons. They will forever be unappealing as I let Christ in me determine what standards I live by! Supernaturalist thinking is the far superior type of thinking…
    For further reading: Dr. Stuart Cook, “Universe Lost, The Thought that Counts, and The Principal of the Thing. Few Pastors will be willing to read and study these concepts, but as seekers of TRUE TRUTH, we can not afford anything but deliberate thinking based in analytical thinking, not emotion or what we have been told is Truth. Insight International, INFO@INSIGHTSAGENTSOFCHANGE.COM for further information.

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