Throwback Thursday: Coming from Rebellion

Coming from.png

Have you ever been guilty by association? Maybe it was something your friends did and you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe something happened with a family member and people started looking at you the wrong way, even though you weren’t associated with the situation at all. Let’s jump into Numbers in the Old Testament for this #ThrowbackThursday! In Numbers 16 we read about a man named Kelah and his rebellion.

So during this time the Israelites were wandering around in the infamous wilderness that we’ve all heard about. Moses was leading God’s people with his brother, Aaron, by his side. Kelah and a few of his friends decide to oppose and question Moses’ leadership. They thought it was odd that Moses was the only one who could speak for God. They made the argument that all in the congregation are worthy and want to know why Moses and Aaron are the only ones that have been exalted.

Now, it’s not all that surprising to me that something like this happened. If someone today came and said that they were the only one allowed to speak God’s truth, I would be a little hesitant too. HOWEVER, if you read in the entire chapter, Korah lies about what Moses has done. He says they’ve been mistreated, stolen from, etc. This was not at all correct and God knew they were being untruthful.

I can only imagine Moses rolling his eyes before he asks them, “Yo, God has brought you out of slavery, continually provides all your needs, and has made promises to you of a home, and you want to complain because you’re not in charge here? You gotta be kidding me,” then slaps a palm to his forehead. Moses then explains that the next morning God’s men will be left standing while the those opposed will be swallowed up by the earth.

Sure enough, the next morning the earth opens wide and Korah and all the rebellions (250 men!!!) were swallowed whole with Moses exclaiming,

Hereby you shall know that the Lord has sent me to do all these works, and that it has not been of my own accord. (Numbers 16:28 ESV)


Years and books later, we get to Psalms. A few of the different authors are actually SONS of Korah! (Numbers 26:11) His sons survived and went on to write Psalm 42, 44-49, 84-85, and 87-88.

Korah did not do right in the eyes of the Lord. His sons saw their father swallowed by the earth.

They came from a family with a bad reputation.

They came from a rebellious father.

They came from “Korah’s sons” and came to “God’s sons.”

You too can overcome a rebellious heart and be published in God’s book.



#ThrowbackThursday here on ClothedinWhat means taking a look at the Old Testament and all it’s good stuff! We sometimes forget the importance of the OT and we miss out on all it has to offer! Check back every Thursday for more like this!



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