My partnership with beyondBeanie!



So excited to finally be making this post!!!

A few months ago I got approached by the company beyondBeanie and we’ve emailed back and forth, but it just never worked out that we could get in contact! BUT FINALLY after almost 5 months, we are connected!

beyondBeanie is a company out of Switzerland that works to help provide living wages for artisans in Bolivia PLUS in addition to supporting artisans, beyondBeanie also works with the Amanecer Salomon Klein Center in Cochabamba to provide meals, school supplies, and uniforms to 38 orphaned children in Bolivia. The Salomon Klein is a center that offers care for orphaned and abandoned children from ages 0 to 6. These children are often abandoned as babies on the streets or are recovered from areas such as under bridges or isolated districts in the outskirts of the city.  Learn about the artisans and projects that help children supported by beyondBeanie.


I’m so excited to be repping this brand! They have a pure heart and are so genuine in their desire to help kids and artisans live healthy and happy lives!


My shipment from them as a brand ambassador should be coming in the mail soon! I’m hoping to do a shoot when I get my products here :’-) (we’ll see…)

PLEASE check out beyondBeanie!!! GO NOW GO. At least go see what they have to offer. ANDDDDDDD I have a code that will get you 15% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Use code MML15 and you can get 15% of your purchase and you’ll help out homeless kiddos and the sweet ladies who make the products to ensure they lead happy lives to provide for their family! What can be better than that?!

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 11.58.41 PM.png
What’s ALSO super cool about beyondBeanie is that you can find your exact artist on the website and send them a personal message! You send your message to the company and they pass it along to the woman who made it! Such a cool way to connect with people in a different country to show your thanks for them. AND encourage them with the love of Christ!!!

I hope you get the chance to check out this company! Their hats will be perfect for the upcoming fall and winter time to stay warm! They also have scarves and gloves to bundle up in! Needing ideas for the upcoming gift giving holidays?! I gotcha covered with that discount!

Remember to use code MML15 to save you 15% on your purchase, then let me know what you purchased! I would love to know if we have the same stuff!

Click HERE to check out beyondBeanie!



I was not given any compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All information provided from 

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