Music Monday: Fullness by Elevation Worship

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Happy Monday morning!

I actually stumbled upon this looking for a different Elevation song, and man oh man, I was not disappointed! Hope this makes someone’s Monday a little brighter.

The acoustic version if you’re into that kind of thing ūüôā


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You’ve officially been challenged.

"This is what the Lord, says_ I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.".png


Last Sunday, December 4th, in the evening, something happened. Something you see in movies, read in newspapers, watch on the news. That something happened to someone I know and care about.

Robert Brand was driving to meet his family for dinner in his college town, Fayetteville, AR. A student at the University of Arkansas, a member of BYX fraternity, an involved member of his church and youth group, a lover of Jesus, a boy with the biggest heart and sweetest soul.

I have known this family for as long as I can remember. His mom was my 10th grade English teacher. His sister a year older than me in school. His late father known in our community for being a doctor. I got to really know Rob while I was an intern for our youth group during my first two years of college.

Another young man driving a 1-ton truck crossed over the middle of the road and hit Rob head on. This young man later fled from the police station, and has not yet been found.

Rob suffered severe lacerations to the face, but his eyes were spared, praise the Lord! He has several broken bones, both femurs broken, elbow, and a hand injury. He also had a severe wound at the base of his neck at the spine, but miraculously, it was closed and spine and head CT scans came back completely clear.

He has been visited and worked on by many doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Please pray for their wisdom and steady hands.

I will keep this post thread updated as Rob continues to heal.

But here is my BIG challenge. 

PLEASE share Rob’s story. It doesn’t have to be this post or have anything to do with what I’ve posted on my own social media. Just share this story with other believers. The more who know, the more who pray. The more who pray, the more we are empowered by Christ who can do far more than we could ever hope or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

Please pray. Please. There are only good things to be said about this boy. I am 1000% confident he will have so many jewels on his crown in Heaven.

If you weren’t convinced to pray yet, here’s a story for you-

I got to the hospital in Springfield, MO at 7 am Monday morning. There was a young man asleep on a couch in the waiting room. He was a friend of Rob’s who¬†had only known him¬†for less than a month. In this short amount of time, Rob had poured life into him, had talked to¬†him about Jesus, and loved him the way Jesus teaches us to love. Rob convinced this boy in that short time to get baptized. Rob cares about eternal lives. Rob gets it. Rob gets why we are here on this earth. Rob gets the Gospel.

Please pray.

UPDATE as of yesterday¬†afternoon (this post was written on Thursday, December 8th, posting on Saturday, December 10th.) They were able to do surgery to repair his legs. He will be monitored to see if there needs to be a bone graft in the future. He had surgery on his face and the feeding tube was removed. The next step is letting him rest and recuperate to gain energy for the long road ahead. He has spoken to his family, his first words being, “I’m sorry,” and then immediately asking if the other driver was okay. (This kid gets it, people.) As of 14 hours ago, we have been told to pray that he passes the swallow test.

I will attach the link to the GoFund Me account that has been set up to help cover medical costs. I will also attach the link to the t-shirts they are making and selling to show support. I am in no way trying to persuade you to donate or buy. These are only attached if you want more information on Rob’s condition and want to pray for specific things.

I know I have a lot of readers, followers on social media that this will be linked to, and others who might stumble upon this. Please make it known. Please pray. We are hopeful.

Click here for the GoFund Me page that has more details on Robert’s condition.

Click here for the #PrayforRob t-shirts.

Thank you readers and God bless.



Friday Favorites: FREE GIVEAWAY!

IT’S DECEMBER!!! *cue mountains of snow falling from the sky and twinkly lights everywhere and lots and lots of caramel br√Ľl√©e lattes*

It’s time for another monthly giveaway download!!! Last month I had a lot of people download my phone screensaver, so I thought I’d do another one for December!

Iphone screensaver– If you are on¬†your phone, you can hold your finger down on the image and save it. Then go to your settings and make it your wallpaper¬†from there. Change your wallpaper setting to “Still.” It looks better, I promise!

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Computer wallpaper–¬†If you’re on a Mac, you can drag the picture onto your desktop and make it your background that way. If you’re on a PC, you can right click and save it to make it your desktop image. Depending on your personal settings (like fit to screen, stretch, etc), you may have to adjust the dimensions to get it just the way you like it!

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I hope you like the December wallpaper/screensaver! Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be back January 1st¬†with the next FREE download!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a very snowy December!


Music Monday: Living Water by Cody Carnes & Gateway Worship


I’ve been jamming to this song the past two weeks! I recently got the chance to see it LIVE and worship with all of Gateway Church and pastors and worship pastors from all around the world! If you want to see that experience go HERE to check out my VLOG.


This is Cody Carnes (who I met and told you all about it in my VLOG. Just a minor freakout moment, no biggie……) He’s been a worship leader at Gateway Church for years, and he’s married to Kari Jobe who was featured on last week’s Music Monday.¬†Give this song a listen!

If you’re interested in a Music Monday playlist head over to my spotify and every Music Monday song is there! And check out my VLOG on my youtube channel!

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My partnership with beyondBeanie!



So excited to finally be making this post!!!

A few months ago I got approached by the company beyondBeanie¬†and we’ve emailed back and forth, but it just never worked out that we could get in contact! BUT FINALLY after almost 5 months, we are connected!

beyondBeanie is a company out of Switzerland that works to help provide living wages for artisans in Bolivia PLUS in addition to supporting artisans, beyondBeanie also works with the Amanecer Salomon Klein Center in Cochabamba to provide meals, school supplies, and uniforms to 38 orphaned children in Bolivia. The Salomon Klein is a center that offers care for orphaned and abandoned children from ages 0 to 6. These children are often abandoned as babies on the streets or are recovered from areas such as under bridges or isolated districts in the outskirts of the city.  Learn about the artisans and projects that help children supported by beyondBeanie.


I’m so excited to be repping this brand! They have a pure heart and are so genuine in their desire¬†to help kids and artisans live healthy and happy lives!


My shipment from them as a brand ambassador should be coming in the mail soon! I’m hoping to do a shoot when I get my products here :’-) (we’ll see…)

PLEASE check out beyondBeanie!!! GO NOW GO. At least go see what they have to offer. ANDDDDDDD I have a code that will get you 15% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Use code MML15 and you can get 15% of your purchase and you’ll help out homeless kiddos and the sweet ladies who make¬†the products to ensure they lead happy lives to provide for their family! What can be better than that?!

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What’s ALSO¬†super cool about beyondBeanie is that you can find your exact artist on the website and send them a personal message! You send your message to the company and they pass it along to the woman who made it! Such a cool way to connect with people in a different country to show your thanks for them. AND encourage them with the love of Christ!!!

I hope you get the chance to check out this company! Their hats will be perfect for the upcoming fall and winter time to stay warm! They also have scarves and gloves to bundle up in! Needing ideas for the upcoming gift giving holidays?! I gotcha covered with that discount!

Remember to use code MML15 to save you 15% on your purchase, then let me know what you purchased! I would love to know if we have the same stuff!

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