What’s your purpose? January 31st, 2019


Maybe you already know your purpose. Maybe you figured it out as a child and you’re living life to the fullest walking in your purpose. ⁣⁣

Maybe you don’t know your purpose. Maybe you walk the halls of high school just going through the motions. Maybe you’re in your post grad years, sitting in a job you didn’t get a degree for. You’re lost and confused. ⁣⁣

Most of us are in that second category. ⁣⁣⁣

But let me tell you one thing- purpose doesn’t have to be difficult. ⁣⁣

Jesus said it clearly, “Love God and love others.” It’s that simple. Our purpose as Christ followers is not to be the best at our jobs, have the busiest schedules, be the star of our sports team, be the best friend, the best mom, or whatever it may be. Those are all great things we can strive for, but they are not our purpose. ⁣

Our purpose is living like we care that someone died for us. Our purpose is to share the story of every single thing that God has done for us to hopefully help other people meet Christ, as well. ⁣⁣

So go. Rest easy knowing your purpose is clear and settled. EVERYONE has a purpose. Go share yours. 💫 ⁣

/// check out Mark 12:30-31, Philippians 2:1-4, Psalm 139:13-16, Ephesians 2:10

Who is SHE? January 26th, 2019


That SHE?? Yeah, girl, that’s YOU. And I know it’s scary. Those are big shoes to put on. Walking with strength, wearing dignity, being fearless. That’s a lot to ask for in just one verse. 

I know sometimes you feel weak. You don’t know how to muster up strength, and you feel like you can’t catch a break. Guess what- it’s not talking about the kind of strength that comes from your body. It’s the kind of strength that’s only God beholds. Rely on him for all of it. 

I know being dignified is hard. We tend to walk in our shame. Constantly remembering past sin and struggles. Not feeling like we’re good enough. Not thinking we’ll ever figure it out. Guess what- dignity comes from knowing Who made you, Who sees you, and Who has your back. Rely on him for you to let. it. go. 

Fearlessness. Not easy. You might read that and think, “I am NOT that ‘she’. I live in constant fear.” The world makes it easy to be scared. We live in fear of comparison, smarts, the job ladder, relationship status, finances. We are scared we’ll never get there. OR we’re scared because we already are there and we still aren’t happy. Guess what- God says there is NO fear for those who are in Christ Jesus. That’s why you can be that SHE and laugh at the days the world will try to throw at you. You can live in fear if you want, but living in joy is right in front of you. Rely on him to stand in feeling loved, not cower in feeling lost. 

So pick yourself up and shake it off. Get rid of the thoughts of weakness and shame and fear. God has bigger plans for you, dear friend. 🤟🏼🌿 

Music Monday: Fullness by Elevation Worship

the best-5.png

Happy Monday morning!

I actually stumbled upon this looking for a different Elevation song, and man oh man, I was not disappointed! Hope this makes someone’s Monday a little brighter.

The acoustic version if you’re into that kind of thing 🙂


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Friday Favorites: FREE GIVEAWAY!

IT’S DECEMBER!!! *cue mountains of snow falling from the sky and twinkly lights everywhere and lots and lots of caramel brûlée lattes*

It’s time for another monthly giveaway download!!! Last month I had a lot of people download my phone screensaver, so I thought I’d do another one for December!

Iphone screensaver– If you are on your phone, you can hold your finger down on the image and save it. Then go to your settings and make it your wallpaper from there. Change your wallpaper setting to “Still.” It looks better, I promise!

Smith & Sons-2.png


Computer wallpaper– If you’re on a Mac, you can drag the picture onto your desktop and make it your background that way. If you’re on a PC, you can right click and save it to make it your desktop image. Depending on your personal settings (like fit to screen, stretch, etc), you may have to adjust the dimensions to get it just the way you like it!

live your.jpg


I hope you like the December wallpaper/screensaver! Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be back January 1st with the next FREE download!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a very snowy December!


Music Monday: Living Water by Cody Carnes & Gateway Worship


I’ve been jamming to this song the past two weeks! I recently got the chance to see it LIVE and worship with all of Gateway Church and pastors and worship pastors from all around the world! If you want to see that experience go HERE to check out my VLOG.


This is Cody Carnes (who I met and told you all about it in my VLOG. Just a minor freakout moment, no biggie……) He’s been a worship leader at Gateway Church for years, and he’s married to Kari Jobe who was featured on last week’s Music Monday. Give this song a listen!

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Let me know what you think down below!